What to Expect

We want you to be as comfortable as possible about your choice of photographer for your wedding. So here is the basic outline of how we work and the end result we deliver. We may not address all your questions here, but we are always glad to work with you to address your specific needs, or to tailor our services to meet your specific situation.

The Day Before the Wedding

We like to be there for the rehearsal of your wedding ceremony so that we don’t miss a beat on the day of the event. We will also ask you to provide us, prior to the wedding, with the names of the members of your bridal party and your immediate families. Knowing the names of those important to you, and being there to get to know them, however briefly at the rehearsal, is important in making sure your wedding party is comfortable with us and relaxed as we shoot.

The Day of the Wedding

We will typically start by photographing preparations of the bride. We highly recommend that you see each other prior to the ceremony. Although some wedding traditions suggest that the groom should see the bride for the first time in her gown as she comes down the aisle, having time before the ceremony to do the artistic “bridal couple” pictures assures you get more of the images you expect from us. Time permitting, we will take pictures of the entire bridal party before the ceremony. Doing these shots before the ceremony allows you more time to get to your reception and not keep your guests waiting.

During an indoor church ceremony, we wish to be as unobtrusive as possible. We may be moving around to obtain the best angles and positions possible, but we do so respectfully and quietly.

Following the ceremony, we generally take the formal family group shots, shots of the wedding party, and of the bride and groom alone, if we have not done these shots beforehand. Family photos can be done in less than thirty minutes if everyone is present and ready (it is a good idea to inform everyone you want in the family photos ahead of time). Our focus will then turn to the bridal party and to the bride and groom together (if we have not taken these pictures prior to the ceremony). These often turn out to be the “artistic” shots that end up as canvas prints. We then go directly to the reception to get shots of the venue, the preparations, the table decorations, and so forth.

At the reception we will again attempt to be unobtrusive, but will capture all the festivities and candid shots of most, if not all, of your guests.

A detailed timeline is critical to your wedding day moving along smoothly, and to your getting all the images you want. We recommend the use of a wedding planner to help keep your day on track, but as a minimum you should have a full-day timeline written out. Your venue typically prepares a timeline from the time you are allowed to arrive at the venue, and your DJ or band will have a timeline for the toasts, cake cutting, first dance etc. But a comprehensive timeline for the entire day will allow us to allocate the proper time for your photos and help keep you on track.

The Day After

There is an increasingly popular trend to do a post-wedding-day shoot. This can be the day after the wedding or a few days after returning from the honeymoon. The style might be a casual photo shoot around town (i.e., not in wedding attire), a “fashion” shoot in an interesting location (in wedding attire).

Seeing Your Proofs

You will generally see your proofs online within four weeks of your wedding. We will preselect approximately 150 images that will receive special attention with regard to retouching and artistic treatment. You will see these, along with the rest of your wedding images, at our hosting website where you can easily share them with family and friends. Purchases of individual images may also be made directly from the hosting site.

The ArtBook

If you elect to order an ArtBook, we will design a layout which we will post online for your review. After making the changes you request (we allow five complimentary editing changes; additional changes will be charged at our “editing” rate) the final layout will be presented for your approval. Once approved, your ArtBook should be delivered in eight to ten weeks.

Your ArtBook will be produced by one of several premium artbook manufacturers in the US or Europe that we have personally selected as the best in the industry. The construction and materials used will be the highest quality available. We want to provide you with an heirloom that you will be as excited to open in thirty years as you are the day you receive it.

Special Requests

We are always prepared work with you to meet your special requests and needs. Your wedding pictures are the treasured mementos you will have years from now, the images that will remind you of the day, and what will make you recapture the spirit and the feeling that you can share with your children and your grandchildren. We want to deliver images that not only make memories, but will excite and inspire you. As we capture those moments, we like to remember:

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away...”